Friday, 15 July 2011

**Official WTB Girls**

 Happy Friday Gems!!
I wanted to spend some time and showcase my official WTB girls. Wondering how you can become one? Well all you have to do is purchase WTB, send me a photo of you wearing your outfit and voila!!! Have a wonderful weekend and enjoy some of my girls. xoxo

Gay Lynn Reese wearing her WTB Freedom Jeans & Wicked Top

Ingela Thuresson wearing WTB Back Up Tunic & Richie's Desperado Top

Janine Raycraft wearing Richie's Desperada

Kendal Crawford in WTB Vicious & Wicked Top

Pamela Ann Worden Carpenter wearing WTB Vicious Top 

Jan Baxter wearing WTB Vicious Top

Donna Orsban Burke wearing Desperado Top 
If you own WTB Clothing and want to be an Official WTB Girl then send your photo on Facebook !!!


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  2. Thank you for sharing Nikki..yay...The WTB girls rocks !!