Monday, 25 July 2011

EXCLUSIVE Tour Photos from Richie!!!

Happy Monday WTB fam!!
as you all know, one of your favorite WTB fam members Mr. Richie Sambora is currently on tour with his bandmates from Bon Jovi. He sent me these exclusive photos from his trip to Greece and of course I had to share them with my gems. Enjoy.

Richie took this photo while he was visiting a museum. This inspired him for our Spring 2012 collection. He is such a fashion forward guy that is always thinking on point!

Richie has the wonderful opportunity to visit the Parthenon. If you noticed he's rocking WTB while doing so!!

Richie is backstage in the Matrix looking hot as he sports all WTB Clothing!!!

So many fans in Athens. Amazing!

Exclusive Photo: Richie and Provence, Italy. That building is 1,000 years old!! If you've noticed that once again he is wearing WTB. 


  1. Great pictures, thanks for sharing! Rich looks so relaxed and healthy and happy and just gorgeous, great to see! And cool to see him as a tourist doing some sightseeing too! So cute! I'm glad he got to see some nice places here in Europe! That pic of the crowd in Athens is amazing, so cool to see what he sees for a change! Did he take pics of Bucharest too? I'm just curious because I was there and it was such a great show, so much fun and so great to sing Happy Birthday to Richie!

    Guess that must have been Provence, France in the last pic though, right? :)

    Thanks for posting! :)

  2. Thanks for sharing these pics with us.. and THANK YOU Richie for sending them to Nikki :)
    I am glad he had the chance to do some sightseeing, they need to relax and have a great time off stage. He looks so good and healthy.
    The pic of the crowd is awesome. They have the best fans in the world, that picture shows it..Rock on Bon Jovi!!

  3. Aw so nice to see Richie (and Tico) visiting the Acropolis and the museum,it's great he took a real interest in the country!!!I was there in that crowd,the show was amazing!!Hopefully they'll come back to Greece real soon :)

  4. thanks for sharing these pics Nikki. It's nice to see another side of Richie as a tourist instead of always having to be the rockstar, lol. I'm glad he's taking time while on the road to relax and enjoy himself while he's not rockin' on stage. Peace, ♥ and WTB!