Friday, 27 May 2011

Miley Cyrus wears Wicked Top

Happy Friday everyone! 
WTB is heading into the Memorial Day weekend feeling great and excited. Yesterday we found out that the adorable Miley Cyrus wore our Wicked Top on Wednesday evening to her photo call in Mexico. Of course she looked absolutely amazing and stylish. Miley has become a WTB regular and favorite, having wore our collection to her 18th birthday party and even on the Oprah Winfrey show!
We are such fans of hers. As you know a couple weeks ago I had a photo shoot and I just so happened to wear the Wicked Top also. It's one of my favorite pieces from our Spring collection and I have awesome news: it's available for purchase on our official website! 
Thanks to the feathers that are designed on the top wearing accessories is optional. I'm telling you, you will love this top!! 
Us at the WTB Fashion House loves reading your comments so let us know what you think about Miley and our Wicked Top. 

WTB Wicked Top 

Wear the Wicked Top however you like 

Thursday, 26 May 2011

Introducing: the WTB Hat!!!

So a lot of guys have repeatedly asked me when will WTB feature men's clothing. Well, the time has come where we are officially offering an item that men can wear and enjoy. But don't feel left ladies because you can rock this too. That's right it's a hat. We are selling our first official WTB hat which we call The Roadie.  It's an adjustable trucker hat with a WTB embossed leather patch applique. 
The Summer season is approaching and this would be the perfect accessory to sport on those hot, sunny days. Pair with your favorite denim, shorts and of course other WTB apparel. Let Richie see you rocking out in your WTB at a Bon Jovi concert. 
Have fun with fashion! 

Tuesday, 24 May 2011

Join the WTB Book Club!!

Hello everyone. I hope you are enjoying this beautiful Tuesday afternoon. I wanted to extend an invitation out to all of my WTB fam members that I have started a book club & would love it if YOU joined me. The first book was given to me by a wonderful friend. It's called The Mastery of Love. The author is Don Miguel Ruiz.
I'm going to read three chapters every week and I'll meet you all on Sunday on my Facebook, to discuss what we've read. I think this is a fabulous book to start with. We will all learn how to master awareness, transformation and love. Happiness can only come from inside of our ourselves and the result is our love. When we're aware that no one else can make us happy then that becomes the great mastery of love.
I really hope you guys join me by taking time out of your busy schedules to enjoy a great read. You can find this book on sale at Amazon for $8.86 or Kindle for $7.99.
Happy reading!

Friday, 20 May 2011

Final Result of the Tye-Dye Project

Hey gems,
earlier this week I photographed my lovely WTB doll Adam, in the process of trying out a new tye-dye experiment. He is so talented and creative and as you can see from past photos, is willing to get his hands dirty. Well, I uploaded a couple pictures on my Facebook of him untying the finished project. So...are you gems ready to see how it came out???

I love the green accents and the shapes that were formed. Great job Adam!! This will look fabulous on a future WTB piece :)

Thursday, 19 May 2011

WTB Photo Shoot!!!

Hey guys,
yesterday I teamed up with one of my favorite photographers Benjamin James, to shoot a few fun, editorials displaying the WTB attitude and some of my favorite pieces. I had such a fun time being out in the sunshine and nature wearing WTB. It gives me such confidence and the clothes feel amazing. So I just have one question to ask you gems...are you a WTB girl yet?

Tuesday, 17 May 2011

The Making of the Trash Tank...

Hey everybody, 
it's been a busy day here at the WTB Fashion House. We always have our creative caps on and designing new pieces for everyone. Earlier today we finished our Trash Tank. Love the color splatter on these tops that are all done by hand in-house. The Trash Tank will be available soon in retail stores and on our WTB online store. We're in the process of adding new items to our online store for everyone. So excited! 
Let us know what you think & if you'll be picking up the Trash Tank!! xoxo

Friday, 13 May 2011

Actress Samaire Armstrong wears WTB on Red Carpet

We are so lucky and thankful to know that actress Samaire Armstrong has become a fan of WTB Clothing. First she wore one of our dresses to the Tron Premiere and last night she wore our WTB hand dyed silk scoop neck top to Samsung's Infuse 4G Event. She looks stylish and is setting trends in her outfit!!

Actress Laura Vandervoort wears WTB to Maxim Hot 100 Party

Happy Friday the 13th!
us here at the WTB Fashion House has some great news to share with you today. Star of Small Ville and gorgeous actress Laura Vandervoort attended Maxim magazine's Hot 100 Party this week in Los Angeles. Not only did she go to the party but she wore WTB. Vandervoort wore our metallic scoop neck mini dress and looked absolutely stunning in it!

Tuesday, 10 May 2011

WTB featured in Collective Magazine

Hey gems,
we have great news here at the WTB fashion house. The latest issue of Collective Magazine features a fashion spread using WTB!!! The model looks beautiful and is definitely ready for Summer in her Glory Vest and band-aid skirt. We are always honored when a celebrity or publication wants to wear WTB. Enjoy the photos and drop us comments on what you think xoxo