Tuesday, 24 May 2011

Join the WTB Book Club!!

Hello everyone. I hope you are enjoying this beautiful Tuesday afternoon. I wanted to extend an invitation out to all of my WTB fam members that I have started a book club & would love it if YOU joined me. The first book was given to me by a wonderful friend. It's called The Mastery of Love. The author is Don Miguel Ruiz.
I'm going to read three chapters every week and I'll meet you all on Sunday on my Facebook, to discuss what we've read. I think this is a fabulous book to start with. We will all learn how to master awareness, transformation and love. Happiness can only come from inside of our ourselves and the result is our love. When we're aware that no one else can make us happy then that becomes the great mastery of love.
I really hope you guys join me by taking time out of your busy schedules to enjoy a great read. You can find this book on sale at Amazon for $8.86 or Kindle for $7.99.
Happy reading!


  1. I've just ordered this book. At present I'm reading a great self help book which I would recommend to anyone called "If Life Gives You Lemons: How 10-Seconds a Day Will Bring You Happiness" by Sally Stubbs.

  2. That's awesome Jan! Maybe we can read your book after :)