Friday, 20 May 2011

Final Result of the Tye-Dye Project

Hey gems,
earlier this week I photographed my lovely WTB doll Adam, in the process of trying out a new tye-dye experiment. He is so talented and creative and as you can see from past photos, is willing to get his hands dirty. Well, I uploaded a couple pictures on my Facebook of him untying the finished project. So...are you gems ready to see how it came out???

I love the green accents and the shapes that were formed. Great job Adam!! This will look fabulous on a future WTB piece :)


  1. Perhaps a Maxi Dress or long skirt Nikki? How about a fun top. Whatever you all design at WTB I am sure it will be great! Thanks for showing us the results:)

  2. Love it! You did a Great job Adam!!

  3. Lovely..You´re the best Adam :))

  4. A maxi dress would be gorgeous and perfect for the Spring/Summer season. Great idea Gabby!