Tuesday, 19 October 2010

WTB LA Fashion Week Videos!!!

Hey WTB fam!!! Another blog update by myself as Nikki is extremely busy right now in the WTB world!!!
Have a click on the following links below (red text) and check out some of the videos from WTB at LA Fashion week!!!

Hollywood Scoop- LA Fashion Week Interview WTB

RedCarpetRoxy's Interview with Richie

Interview with Nikki & Richie

Many of you have also been asking about pictures of Kylie and Kendall modelling for WTB, if you do have some photos of them both, please upload them to the WTB Group page on Facebook! Or email them to wtbclothing@ymail.com and we can soon have them uploaded!!!!

Here are a few more photo's from WTB at LA Fashion Week!!! Everyone looks amazing!!!!


  1. some utterly beautiful clothes there, can't wait for the website!

  2. great clothes!!! but I specially love the blue long dress (which wear the model with the braid) and the blue short one with one sleeve. Good job Nikki!!

  3. I'm not generally a poncho person, but I am so digging that red poncho!

  4. Looks like a successful fashion show congrats! Also the blueish maxi dress is amazingness that I want to own.


  5. Hi Everyone!
    first off thank you so much for taking the time to look at my photos of such an amazing and definitely unforgettable evening. Secondly, I am of course excited that you like the clothes!!! I can't wait to premiere our website so I can finally see you all wearing a piece of WTB. xoxo