Monday, 18 October 2010

WTB at LA Fashion Week!!!! 17th October 2010

I'm very very sure Nikki will also be updating the blog later today!!! But for now, here are some of the amazing photo's from last night's White Trash Beautiful show at LA Fashion Week!!! Everybody looked absolutely AMAZING!!!! And by these photos you can see everybody had an amazing time and WTB rocked that catwalk once again!!!!! Thanks for all your on-going support and comments on the amazing world of White Trash Beautiful!!!!

Didnt everyone just look AMAZING???


  1. Where are the Kendall and Kylie photos

  2. Still currently looking for some! But they will be posted here as soon as! Either by myself or Nikki!

  3. A runway full of fabulous beautiful fashion - of course - WTB rocks! Everyone looked fantastic, Richie and Nikki look so happy and proud and so they should be! Love the behind the scenes photos too.

  4. wow, it looks amazing! thanks for taking the time to put up all of these photos, they're so interesting and as Jan says, great to get a peek behind the scenes!
    Would love to get a shot of the outfit in the pic third from the bottom. Whilst Ava looks stunning, I really dig the flowing fabric/tight trousers look on the other model.
    Great post!

  5. I love this new clothing line! Ava was a great choice in modeling this new line and should make Mom and Dad very proud.

  6. thanks for share the pics!! looks like it was an amazing show and I'm sooooo happy for it! Nikki, all of you have made a great job, congrats!!! and I love the new collection, just fall in love with the black long dress! and Richie and you were stunning (your dress is wonderful!!) xoxo

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  8. Hello guys,
    thanks for enjoying the pictures and video footage of my fashion show. Myself and the WTB team definitely worked hard to design a collection that we felt you all would love. Can't wait to see it in stores!
    xoxo Nikki