Thursday, 30 June 2011

NEW WTB Shirts!!!!

We have some AMAZING new shirts for you gems coming very soon
to the website!!! Not only women's but MENS too!!! We can't wait to see
you all rockin' in your WTB! Don't forget, if you would like to be featured
on this official WTB blog! You can be! If you have any photos of you in WTB,
WTB Fan art, Richie in WTB, WTB guitar shots, let us know!!! You can email it
to us at or simply tweet it to me at @JanineJovi on twitter with the hashtag #WTBblog!!!

Here below we have first the new "Rich Girl" WTB tshirts!!! In pink and white these shirts will be
at $35 each!!! What do you think!?!?

Below these two, are the MENS WTB!!! What do you think?!?!!


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