Tuesday, 12 April 2011

Introducing our WTB store designer: Gerardo Hacer

As all of you gems should know that WTB is in the process of opening our very first store on Melrose here in sunny Los Angeles. Not only are we revamping everything from top to bottom but we have the amazingly talented Los Angeles sculptor Gerardo Hacer helping. He is designing our store to give it a "modern gothic" look. Richie and I are so excited as well as the WTB staff. We can't wait to show you gems what he has up his sleeves. Until then, I'll continue posting pictures of our store makeover. But first, take a look at some of his past sculptures. Is he talented?!

Gerardo Hacer at one of his exhibits

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  1. these sculptures are wonderful Nikki! are they gonna be at the store or another ones? Any case, I'm sure the store will be great. Looking forward to see the final result after all hard work.

    By the way, the new blog's look is awesome! Congrats! xoxo