Tuesday, 15 March 2011

WTB guitar in Boston!

Check out these great photos of Richie and his WTB guitar!!! 
Submitted to us by @Mary81bjc on her first Boston Jovi concert!!!!
Glad you had an amazing time Mary and thanks for the great pictures of the WTB guitar!!!!!!

Have you got some snaps of Richie and the WTB guitar??? Upload them to the Facebook group!!! Email them to us at wtbclothing@ymail.com or simply hashtag them on twitter as #WTBSamboraGuitar and tweet them to @JanineJovi 

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  1. Oh, when I saw that guitar in San Sebastian last month I thought it was wonderful. Richie was also wearing a WTB T-shirt. I didn't know the clothing line then, but now I think it's fantastic.