Monday, 17 January 2011

EXTRA TV Correspondent Chooses her WTB Dress!!!

Happy Monday dolls,
so last week as you all know Richie and I appeared on EXTRA TV with a mission to dress their gorgeous correspondent Renee Bargh in WTB for the Golden Globes red carpet. It was your job to vote and choose which of the four available gowns was "The One." Well the voting ended and the tally's decided that Bargh would wear our multi-colored, off the shoulder WTB dress.
So I have to amazing does she look?!


  1. Oh my goodness, I have been watching the Extra episode and it is so nice to see stars complimenting Renee on how beautiful she looks. Great job! The colors of the dress look even more fabulous on television...I can only imagine how beautiful it looks in person! So exciting.

  2. OMG!! I knew she'd wear that dress!! NOBODY had anything like that!! So elegant!! I loved how she thanks Nikki, Richie & WTB!! Renee you were fabulous!! (Mary81bjc)

  3. She was really beautiful! the dress is so pretty! you've done a great job, congratulations Nikki and Richie! (danielaSambora)

  4. I love this dress! love the colors, the wonderful sleeve and it looks like very very soft and confortable! and of course it fits Renee perfectly. Congrats Nikki and all WTB team, you are definitely you are spreading the word about WTB!