Friday, 17 December 2010

Show us YOUR WTB!!!

Hello dolls,
so we're back again with our new section on the blog titled: Show us YOUR WTB. Our first post was of our wonderful doll Lori Barner wearing her Grammy Jacket to this year's American Music Awards. Well ladies and gentleman she is back again looking GORGEOUS in her Hush Top.

Doesn't Lori look AMAZING?!


  1. So fun to see everyday people in WTB in a regular setting. Beautiful top. Lori wears WTB so well and proud!!

  2. She looks great - I hope my WTB top arrives before much longer, it says backordered, so I guess it will be a while.

  3. Lori does wear WTB quite well!...We will get you your order as quickly as we can Jan. Thanks for being patient!