Tuesday, 23 November 2010

Brad Paisley in WTB at American Music Awards

Last Sunday at the American Music Awards country musician Brad Paisley, won big that night and did it while wearing a custom WTB leather jacket. Us here at the WTB fashion house are very honored to have him wear our clothes at this year's Country Music Awards and the AMA's.
Thanks Brad!


  1. I was wondering if that jacket was WTB when I was watching the awards, I thought it might have been! Must be awesome for you Nikki, that people are starting to recognise the line without even knowing what it is beforehand! You are making a huge impression on the fashion world :)

  2. I have to agree with Samboragirl. You are obviously making a great impression on the fashion world and I would have expected nothing less. You have a God-given talent to design, create and make beautiful works of art for all of us to wear. Through White Trash Beautiful, you are allowing everyone to LOOK and FEEL beautiful. Great Accomplishment Nikki!

  3. You dolls are so AMAZING!! Thank you so much for being such wonderful WTB supporters. WTBlove to you***