Friday, 24 September 2010

Stores Selling WTB

Hey WTB dolls,
until our website launches here is a list of the stores where you can find WTB apparel. 
1. Flavour-Nashville, TN
2. Patricia Field-NYC
3. Hall's-Kansis City, MO
4. Forgotten Saints-Hollywood, CA
5. 42 Saint-Scottsdale, AZ
6. Chez Vous- Sparks, NV
7. LA Jewel- Shelby Township, MI
8. Forever Posh- Santa Ynez, CA



  1. Can't wait until they are available worldwide.

  2. Glad you're excited Jan. Thank you so much for your support and patience.

  3. I totally echo what jan said!

    Can't wait til WTB comes to London! I know you guys rock a real US vibe, but I can imagine London's ladies will make WTB their own too, like you say, it's about an attitude for every woman. I can picture Kate Moss falling in love with your jackets!

  4. Wow Ellio100,
    you are so sweet. I'd die if the amazing Kate Moss was photographed in WTB. Hope that comes true!