Thursday, 19 August 2010

Hey WTB family!!!!

Again this evening I had the great chance to interview Nikki!!! Here is the interview and I hope you all enjoy it!!!!!

Q) How did you first get into fashion design?

Nikki: I was interested in fashion from a young age, my mom and grandma are seamstress. I love freedom of expression and believe through clothing and personal style you can express your inner self as well as your outer self and after all everyone needs beauty...

Q) What was the first thing you ever designed?

Nikki: The first design I ever did was a skirt I made with my grandma. It was cut on the bias and in chiffon?? That was a real challenge for me, I was 10 and never imagined it would be a career for me.

Q) How would you describe your average day in the world of WTB?

Nikki: Exciting and Adventurous, you never know what will happen next or who will call to get styled or custom pieces made.

Q) If you wasnt a fashion designer or musician what would you be?

Nikki: A archaeologist

Q) What has been one of the funniest moments with Richie whilst designing WTB?

Nikki: It's always fun!!!!

Q) What is your favourite item to design?

Nikki: Jackets and Dresses!

Q) What is your personal favourite peice of clothing (Not that you have designed) something you wear all the time?

Nikki: Beautiful Lingerie

Q)Is there any designer past or present you would have loved to work with or still would love to work with?

Nikki: Vionnet

Q) What has been the most exciting moment on working on WTB so far?

Nikki: Our fashion show in LA- first runway show and the fashion show in UK- launching internationally

Q) What is your favourite WTB peice from the mens wear that Richie has been wearing?

Nikki: The zipper jacket!

Q)How long did the longest WTB peice take?

Nikki: The leather conductor jacket I made for Richie took over 20 hours from start of pattern to finish sewing.

Q) For anyone who hasnt heard of your music before, where can we find you, and how would you describe the music?

Nikki: You will find it online coming soon at and it is Guerilla dance music. I have solo music you can find on myspace

Q) Is there anything you would like to say to the WTB family?

Nikki: I love you all and appreciate the support. I hope that through WTB music and design we can inspire people to take pride In themselves and their passions

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LOVE WTB because WTB LOVES YOU!!!!!!

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