Wednesday, 7 July 2010

Interview With Nikki Lund

1) What is your style and Richie's style, and how did you bring these into your designs together?
NIKKI: My style and Richies style for clothing is very similar. We both Like tailored sexy clothing with a edge that allows a persons attitude to come through. We also both like fine detail, soft wearable, breathable fabrics. You should wear your clothes, they should not wear you..

2) Who would you most like to see wearing WTB clothing?
NIKKI: I would most like to see Angelina Jolie or Selma Hayek in our clothes. I think they are both sexy confident woman who are empowered and aware of their flare. Selma Hayek has curves and embraces them and I appreciate that in a woman.

3) What has it been like to work with Richie, have you had any disagreements on designs and how did you overcome them?
NIKKI: Working with Richie has been amazing. We have not had a disagreement on design or direction in music. We both embrace womans individual voice's and attitude and want to empower woman and make them feel confident and sexy.

4) When Richie came to you with the name "White Trash Beautiful" what did you think of it?
NIKKI: When Richie came to me with the name White Trash Beautiful I loved it. I think it is a attitude. Nothing more and nothing less. Every woman, no matter what race or place you are from wants to be sexy and these clothes allow for that. Even if you put on a WTB blazer and slacks, the suit makes you feel sexy and feminine.

5) Richie mentioned in a recent interview about the music you have recorded together, will this be released on record and available to buy?
NIKKI: Richie and I will be releasing music that is going to be available to buy in a month. It rocks ! It is not what you would expect to hear from Richie. He is so multi talented that it is amazing to work with him and be able to incorporate my own personal style and have it work.

6) Will the clothing line go up to sizes for all people to wear?
NIKKI: WTB will have clothes available in all sizes. We embrace all woman and different sizes and shapes. Variety is a spice of life.

7) How is WTB different to other clothing lines?
NIKKI: WTB is different from other clothing lines because it is a lifestyle brand. We are a multi media brand with more than just clothes. We make music and will distribute it independently. We are working on a reality TV show and we would like to develop other artist and talent.

8)What is your favourite WTB piece and why?
NIKKI: My favorite WTB piece is the Zipper Balero. It is very delicate and almost looks like a flower, but it is made of heavy hardware. I love the juxtaposition of hard and soft. Feminine and masculine. A little androgeny is cool to me.

9) Did you have to teach Richie anything about fashion designing or did he have very good knowledge in the process?
NIKKI: I didn't teach Richie anything in fashion, he is very aware of the feminine side. He is in touch and sensitive to us woman. I love that about him. He knows what he he wants to see on woman, sexy beautiful clothes. WTB!!

10) Have you worked with any other musicians in your fashion work?
NIKKI: I have worked with many other amazing musicians in my fashion work, but my favorite collaboration thus far has been Richie. He is my best friend and partner. We have fun and that's what it's all about..

11) Will there also be jewelery and handbags in the WTB line
NIKKI: There will be jewelry and handbags in the WTB line. Everything will be out in a matter of time.

12) What advice would you give to other people interested in Fashion design?
NIKKI: The advice I would give to other people who want to get involved in fashion design or music is you really have to want it. Be passionate and persistant. Never give up. Believe in yourself and never look back!

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